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Below can be found an index of VIPACE! members' contact info and other details. The index is arranged alphabetically by last name in ascending order. The list is extremely limited at this point in time, but should be growing quickly as members submit their info for posting. Check back frequently!

Click here to submit your information to the VIPACE! Web master for posting.

Member Name E-mail Address Phone Number Technologies
Jeff Fidler 724.845.1480 PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Helix Producer, JAWS, ZoomText Xtra, Windows OS
Mike Gravitt 412.344.2313 ZoomText Xtra, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Windows OS, Music Match
Ms. Marty Mathews 412.391.8556 The Freedom Box
Robert Nicol 724.437.7162 Window Eyes, Open Book
Gene Rossi 412.683.2846 Beginner-level access technologies, contact info for advocacy groups and other helpful organizations
Dino Cardamone 412.897.9412 Windows OS, ZoomText Xtra, MS Office


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