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About Us

Our Mission

Motivated by the need to learn and a desire to share their specialized knowledge, a small group of visually impaired computer users in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania formed VIPACE! (Visually Impaired Pittsburgh Area Computer Enthusiasts) in 1988. Although its structure has evolved since then, the group's mission has remained the same: to disseminate and exchange information about computer hardware, software, access technologies, and relevant supplemental information of a less technical nature.


VIPACE!'s informal monthly meetings provide a forum where questions can be asked about specific access hardware, software, and adaptive equipment in general, and information regarding such topics can be freely shared and considered. VIPACE! usually meets in the general Pittsburgh area on a date during the third week of each month from 6:00 until 8:00 PM. Non-members are always welcomed to attend. Our members are notified of the up-coming meetings and topics by an e-mail distribution list, by telephone, or both. Each meeting consists of a short business section and a discussion of a specific subject or computer application. Members often offer presentations on their particular areas of expertise. Also, local and national computer vendors frequently present LIVE demonstrations of relevant products and services. And, on occasion, our group ventures out on a site visit to area computer businesses, institutions, or libraries with Assistive Technology Labs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced computer user, we believe you will find our meetings very interesting and educational, and you are sure to meet others who will help out with any computer-related problems you may be having!


Sabina Bilder and Willie Wilson, both active at the University of Pittsburgh in 1988, were instrumental in the creation and development of VIPACE!. Sabina coordinated the Disability Services office at the university, and Willie, totally blind, was a student and pioneer among those specializing in files and information for the visually impaired. Willie made meeting minutes available to the general public on his bulletin board known as BlinkLink (412) 766-0732 -- the very highly regarded BBS (Bulletin Board System). We now also send notices and information via the Internet to anyone interested in receiving them.



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